Tuesday, April 22: “I am (or once was) a newbie”

Posted by lilnr on April 16, 2014

Next meeting:
Tues 4/22

“I am, or once was, a newbie”

When: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Where: Holiday Inn Express Hauppauge-Long Island, Express Drive South, Hauppauge, NY  (map)
Description: This meeting is for both novice and experienced BDSM participants. (more info to come)
Doors open at 7:45 pm; there is social time before the meeting.


New to the ‘lifestyle’ or ‘the scene?’ However you wish to call the way we choose to live our lives and the practices we engage in, this meeting is especially for you.
Come listen to (or better yet, participate in) a discussion about what it’s like to be the new kid on the block. We will talk about our fears, the excitement, and the whys, how to, and where to jump aboard.

Even if you were new years ago, please join in and share your newbie experiences.

About the presenter:

Stargazer513, Linda, has not been a newbie for quite some time and has been a member of LILNR for nearly 14 years. Though she doesn’t attend meetings as regularly as she once did, or as often as she would like, she is very much in touch with the newbie experience, remembering vividly what it was like for her and the many newbies she greeted for LILNR over the years. She was once very active in the group as a greeter, creator of many parties, activities and events for members and as the booker of guest presenters and meeting topics, among other things. She currently co-leads B.D.S.M. (Been-there, Done-that, Searching for More) with ldydreaming. B.D.S.M. is a group that meets non-regularly and is geared toward people who have been in the lifestyle ten years or longer and continue to explore new things.


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Deadline is April 30 for affiliate group rates on TESFEST & Floating World

Posted by lilnr on April 15, 2014

Long Island Leather N Roses is a reciprocal or participating group with TESFEST and The Floating World. This means you get significant discounts for these two events—one of the benefits of membership in LILNR!

tesfest2014n-website       Floating world logo


Time is running short for deep discounts, however: April 30 is the deadline for group rate discounts on both events. Posted below are some links and information about both TESFEST and The Floating World:


The Floating World




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“Red Flags”: LILNR Submissive/slave group topic, April 19

Posted by lilnr on April 6, 2014

Submissive group logo




The Long Island Leather N Roses’ new Submissive/Slave Group will hold its second meeting on Saturday, April 19.

From the FetLife announcement:

Back by popular demand….

The LILNR submissive/slave (and other people in the “serving ” end of a power- exchange relationship) group will meet again.

April 19th 11 am-1 pm
Panera’s (private room)
1025 West Montauk Highway
West Babylon NY

After introductions, the topic for this meeting will be ” Red Flags”—whatever that means to you.
General discussion to follow afterwards.

Do us a favor and RSVP to Ldydreaming or CutiepieLI because there is an 18 person max. Thanks!


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BDSM parties in Long Island

Posted by lilnr on April 5, 2014

Driving to Manhattan is such a hassle …

BDSM educator and party organizer Mistress Nona has been hosting parties at a new location in Babylon for several months now. The next event is on April 27—Mistress Nona’s Birthday Bash. LILNR asked Mistress Nona to write about her parties here on our website, so that we can help spread the word to Long Islanders looking for places to meet people and play.

About HellsFury

Nona HFLogo resizedHellsFury is new to Long Island but not new to NY. After a long discussion with my dear friend and former business partner Bob H., I decided to take HellsFury on the road and head east. Many folks say they just don’t want to schlep into Manhattan; they want to avoid the hassle of driving and finding parking or a long train ride. HellsFury East, right in our own back yard, is the solution!

HellsFury East is a revolving BDSM and fetish party using different physical venues where we bring our own equipment and create a non-threatening, sexy, classy, clean, safe, well-equipped beautiful play space that caters to seasoned BDSM players and serious novices. The mixture of people at HellsFury is quite unique in that it is one of the most gender-balanced parties out there. People have told me they feel HellsFury has the same sexual energy of the old Vault or Hellfire clubs . . . without the wankers. See the rest of this entry…


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Tues, April 8: Beginning HypnoKink Through Kinesthetic Trance

Posted by lilnr on March 30, 2014

hypnotism art 1 croppedPresenter: ZanyM

Reach out and touch someone: Kinesthetic Trance
Format: Hands-on workshop
Skill level: Beginners and up

What do you communicate using touch? In this class we will discuss kinesthetic trance for the beginner as well as the more experienced. Be prepared to pair up or triple up and practice this sexy way of putting someone under. This sort of trance is excellent for loud play parties and wonderful for people who focus on words. The techniques learned will enhance the more experienced players’ sessions, and they will be excellent for the beginner tist’ who may have trouble with verbalizing fluidly. See the rest of this entry…


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Fundraisers for BigKidGarry

Posted by lilnr on March 20, 2014

Long Island Leather N Roses would like to thank all those who have started fundraisers for BigKidGarry, a long-time member of the NY community who has been diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Garry is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments to try to shrink the tumor. And despite having insurance, he faces enormous medical bills that he and his wife Ravenclaw will probably not be able to pay on their own.

It’s been heartwarming to see the outpouring of support from the community. Garry has been in the New York kink scene for years and is a genuinely nice, friendly, fun guy. We are sorry to hear he is suffering. See the rest of this entry…


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Swinging and BDSM: Common Ground?

Posted by lilnr on March 18, 2014

A review of the presentation “The Swinger Lifestyle,” by Ms. Lola Smiles, Tues., March 11, 2014.*

More than sex

lola smiles

Ms. Lola Smiles

Many people outside of the BDSM lifestyle may get the impression that BDSM is entirely about sex, that BDSM play usually leads to (or should lead to) sex, and that couples have frequent kinky sex with their partners as well as others.

As active players know, however, BDSM is more nuanced than that. BDSM is not swinging, and swinging is not BDSM.

But is swinging part of BDSM? Is it kinky? Is it a fetish? And what does it mean to be a swinger, anyway? See the rest of this entry…


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Past event: First Aid in the Scene

Posted by lilnr on March 17, 2014

With BlackRoseMeister

Date: March 25, 2014 · 8–10:30 PM
Location: Holiday Inn Express Hauppauge, 2050 Express Dr S Hauppauge, NY 11788   @ map
Cost: $5 for members, $7 for non-members
Dress code: Street legal casual

What to expect

Safety first! But accidents do happen. Most kinksters do play with safety in mind, and every class/demo you go to will talk about safety concerns for that specific type of play.

At parties there are DMs with basic medical supplies. What happens at home? What would you do if a knife slipped? How would you handle an asthma attack? How would you explain the bruises? See the rest of this entry…


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Past event: March 11: The Swinger Lifestyle

Posted by lilnr on March 9, 2014


Presented by Ms. Lola Smiles

Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Time: 8:00 PM –10:30 PM
Location: Holiday Inn Express Hauppauge, lower level
Address: 2050 Express Dr S, Hauppauge, NY 11788 @ map
Cost: $5 for members, $7 for non-members
Dress code: Street legal casual

Swinging: Fun, but not a free-for-all

People hear the word “swinger” and think of an all-out orgy—naked bodies everywhere; people having all sorts of sex. The reality is that it’s not like that all the time.

There are different types of parties and there are different types of couples—soft swap; full swap; off premise; on premise; house parties; hotel parties. And just because you go to a swingers party, don’t assume that any woman or man there will engage in some sort of sexual act with you. Respect is important. There are rules. It’s not a free-for-all. See the rest of this entry…


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Past event: Feb. 25: Masochists’ Fishbowl Discussion

Posted by lilnr on February 14, 2014

Mike_question 3

What is a masochist and why do they do what they do?

This fishbowl discussion will explore masochism from several different perspectives.

LILNR fishbowl discussions are fun and informative! Questions or topics are submitted by the audience or panel members in written form on a slip of paper and placed in a container (or fishbowl). The questions are pulled out and read, and the panel members are first given a chance to respond. The discussion is then opened to the floor, where the audience is encouraged to participate.

You can submit your questions in advance by posting to the discussion in the LILNR FetLife group, or in private by sending a message to LILNRCoordinator or by sending an email to LILNR_Coordinators@yahoogroups.com. See the rest of this entry…


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